Conscious Digital Detox-A 10-Day Guidebook to Re-Treat, Re-Meet, and Re-Turn to Yourself

Meditate more. Scroll less. Unplug longer. Feel stronger. A wise part of us knows that technology has become too much of a co-dependent and unconscious habit that is slowly draining our daily zest for living a satisfying, meaningful existence. Do you feel overwhelmed? Anxious? Lost in comparison with others’ lives? Too self-conscious about selfies and your appearance? Tethered to your phone excessively? Hyper-aware of what everyone else is doing and feel like you aren’t doing enough in your life? There is a reason why: We are addicted to digital junk food. Are you ready to return to the art of daily rituals, listening to your inner messages, and a simple focus on joy? In this unique 10 day journey, discover inspiring ways to open up even more to your expansive talents and inner sources of happiness that are always waiting for you - if you would just stop scrolling. With a realistic focus that our digital devices are here to stay, this guidebook will help you find it easier and more freeing to step away from a keyboard and tap into the natural highs of living with less electronic connections and more conscious presence on a daily basis. You’ll be invited to re-prioritize your time and look at new possibilities in your life over the course of 10 days. What is essential and what is an unconscious habit? Where do you find joy and where to you waste time? Are you disconnecting from your heart and unconsciously suppressing your own needs? ~~Re-Treat to a safe place that invites you to discover more natural sources of happiness – no charging devices required. ~~Re-Meet more of your Divine self that is tapping you on the shoulder and trying to get your attention, just above that screen in your hands. ~~Re-Turn to another world that is eagerly awaiting your presence: the natural world, your inner world, the creative world, or the spiritual world. Get ready to experience wonderful guidance and conscious presence as YOU open up to yourself more as the natural source of fresh energy infusion.
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