Living the Thin Life

Live the Thin Life!
Tired of hearing the same old weight management advice from diet and fitness "experts"? Ready to get creative? Find ways to maintain a healthy weight that will actually work. My how-to health and fitness book offers practical suggestions for people just likeyou!

Find Inside: Weight loss motivation tips Healthy eating suggestions How to identify your own eating personality Exercise tips Detailed guides to customize your plan Quizzes Real success stories 50+ healthy recipes You Can Do It!
It's possible to stay thin past 30… 40… 50. I'm doing it. You can too!

"This book is perfect for anyone wanting to find a style of dieting that suits their personal needs." -Rita R., Rita Reviews

"This is a great reference book to help keep you motivated in losing weight and maintaining the weight loss." -Cristi K., The King's Court IV

"I loved finding out my eating personality.....apparently I am a lion...roaaar! Which means I need a high protein low carb diet plan. Which one are you?" -Carol P., Retail Therapy Lounge

"Elle Meyer is a woman who has figured out how to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle." -Janae C., Pink Dandy Chatter
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