Mechanics of Deformable Solids

Mechanics of Deformable Solids: A fundamental approach to deformable solids featuring Cartesian tensor treatment from the continuum point of view. by Irving H. Shames, Prentice-Hall Engineering Science Series, Published 1964 THIS RIGOROUS and fundamental book on deformable solids was written to serve as an introduction in science oriented engineering programs. Part I, Fundamentals of the theory of Elasticity, deals primarily with the linear elastic body from a Cartesian tensor continuum viewpoint. This provides a greater understanding of the formulations of strength of materials. Part II, Analysis of Beams, Shafts and Columns; Energy Methods. The singularity functions -- the delta function, the step function, and the doublet function -- are used extensively in this section. Energy methods are presented so as to provide a smooth transition from early efforts in earlier mechanics courses to a point where new concepts and formulations will be available for more sophisticated energy techniques involving variational calculus. Procedures for inelastic behavior of beams and shafts apper in a series of instructional problems. OUTSTANDING FEATURES * Cartesian tensor continuum approach leading to and including a through treatment of strength of materials. * Extensive use of singularity functions, e.g., the delta function, the step function and the doublet function. * Careful Development of plane stress and strain. * Appendix featuring microscopic study of mechanical properties of materials. Mechanics of Deformable Solids will provide the practicing engineer a means of updating his knowledge of continuum mechanics, Cartesian tensor notation, use of singularity functions and strength of materials. It will also serve to advantage as a basic text in civil, mechanical, aeronautical and engineering science programs. IRVING H. SHAMES received his Ph.D. in applied mechanics, from the University of Maryland and is presently Professor and Head, Division of Interdisciplinary Studies and Research in Engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo, N. Y. Dr. Shames is the author of Engineering Mechanics -- Statics and Dynamics and Mechanics of Fluids.
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