Python Testing with pytest

Early praise for Python Testing with pytest I found Python Testing with pytest to be an eminently usable introductory guidebook to the pytest testing framework. It is already paying dividends for me at my company. → Chris Shaver VP of Product, Uprising Technology Systematic software testing, especially in the Python community, is often either completely overlooked or done in an ad hoc way. Many Python programmers are completely unaware of the existence of pytest. Brian Okken takes the trouble to show that software testing with pytest is easy, natural, and even exciting. → Dmitry Zinoviev Author of Data Science Essentials in Python This book is the missing chapter absent from every comprehensive Python book. → Frank Ruiz Principal Site Reliability Engineer, Box, Inc.
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  • The pragmatic programmers
  • Brian Okken
  • 2017
  • Pragmatic Bookshelf
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