Origins and the Next Fifty Years

All right, Zoosh speaking. Greetings. As you read this book, look within yourself not only for the type of person society considers you to be, but also for the type of person you feel like. You might find that you identify with the qualities of one particular group of people more than the qualities of another group, and that group might or might not fit a description of you. The main thing is to understand your soul's calling, your personality's identity and your true purpose in life. If a part of the description of one group touches on your purpose, fine. If it is from another group, fine. Do not feel that you must be exclusive to any one description, for ultimately it is intended that the human race blend, not only racially and nationally, but ultimately universally. Someday there will be a being who will be known as a universal being. It will be made up of Earth people, of Saturn people, of Pleiadians, Orions, Sirians and planet names you've never even heard of on the other side of this universe. This is not to say that individual groups will not keep their identities, but the ultimate purpose, specifically on Earth, of having so many different races and nationalities and even subgroups within them, is that you all draw on each other's strengths and bring out the best in each other. This book, which reminds you of how special you are, is dedicated to all of you who might find out more about yourselves and in so doing appreciate yourselves and others more than you have in the past.
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