The Wellsprings of Old Poems (Chinese Edition)

The development of poems reached the peak in Tang dynasty. However, the prosperity does not keep it long-lasting as spring. It is seen that water stops at sea, therefore we need to trace back to the origin from the sea, the nine rivers near the sea, the flood forming the river, Mengjin initiating the flood, the stone building up Mengjin, and finally the origin of Kunlun shaping the stones. To offer the mountain shall offer the river the first, then the sea, just for matter of origin. The poems before Tang dynasty are much like the water falling from Kunlun; the poems style of Wei family in the capital has representative style like Ci as elegant as the precious mattress in Qi and Liang dynasties and the extravagant and magnificent as the life of Chen Sui, unlikely to exceed the greatness of poems in Tang dynasty. Therefore, poems are classified into Tang and non-Tang as water is classified as Mengjin or non-Mengjin. In the beginning of Ming dynasty, poets succeeded the composition style of Song Yuan and since Li Xianji, Tang poems started to prosper. The whole world worshipped the Seven-Talent Group and the Later Heptaschool who all gain development elegantly. However, the disadvantage was that they did not strive to make progress.
دقت کنید این منابع به صورت رایگان داخل سایت موجود است و می توانید از صفحه دانلود رایگان کتاب های لاتین ( درخواست کتاب لاتین ) پس از جستجو، به صورت رایگان دانلود کنید.
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