Language and the Pursuit of Happiness

What if one of the most powerful avenues to achieving a balance of peacefulness and productivity - defined here as happiness - at home and at work, is so close that you may have missed it? What if by taking a new look here you can open truly unprecedented possibilities for yourself and your effectiveness, the quality of your relationships, as well as your emotional and physical well-being? And what if an incredible variety of your experiences and results – personally and professionally – have for years been connected to this, whether you’ve been aware of it or not?
This is the promise of this compelling new book by veteran consultant, certified personal coach and seminar leader Chalmers Brothers: A new way of understanding language provides a powerful new foundation and a new set of tools for literally designing your life, at home and at work and everywhere in between. This is especially relevant for anyone seeking to break free from repetitive and ineffective patterns, actions and outcomes. It’s immediately valuable for everyone for whom building and maintaining mutually-beneficial relationships is important. And it’s particularly useful for leaders, managers, administrators and anyone else who "gets paid to have effective conversations!"

In this book, the author leads you on an eye-opening exploration of yourself, your language, your conversations and their connections to your physical and emotional well-being. He introduces you to an emerging and thought-provoking way of thinking, one with very old and very new roots. You will see clearly that our collective common-sense understanding of language as merely a "tool for communicating" or "a way we describe how things are" is only a small and limited part of the full story. Having nothing at all to do with grammar, sentence structure or nouns and verbs, this book instead takes you on a journey through the many ways in which your internal and external conversations – fully inter-twined and braided together with your moods, emotions and physical body – are incredibly active, creative and generative (vs. merely passive and descriptive). Our language and our conversations are an ongoing force, a key causal element influencing and impacting virtually everything we do and how we do it, as well as every result we achieve and how we achieve it. In a very real way, we speak ourselves into the world!

Full of humor, real-life examples and practical how-to’s, Language and the Pursuit of Happiness is essential reading if you’re seeking to improve your openness and ability to continue learning, as well as to bring about desired changes in your life. It can be a source of new understanding and new practices that enable you to create and sustain healthier personal and professional relationships. It can support you in improving your effectiveness and productivity as a leader or manager (at any level), as well as your ability to influence and design your own moods and emotions. And it does all of this out of a sincere invitation for you to become a more powerful observer of the one person you can actually change anyway: yourself!

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