Inside the Gretsch Guitar Factory - From 1957-1970

This book is about myself and my years in the factory that made the guitars from 1956 to 1970, when they sold the company to Baldwin Piano Comp. All other books on Gretsch Guitars are mainly about the history of the company, and the Gretsch family, the description of the different model guitars, old vice presidents, factory managers and other people who never built a guitar in their lives. Some of the stories are funny and some are serious. The foremen who actually built the guitars using their skills and the bench workers as an extension of themselves were never really appreciated. They were great guitar craftsmen who dedicated their lives to the company store and in the end got the shaft. Wherever they are, I know they will enjoy this book. The bonus section: "Tips for Buying a New Guitar" should interest every guitar enthusiast. The bonus section: "Great Chord Changes" if studied diligently will bring any players fretboard knowledge to a new level. This was taught to me in 1954/55 in N.Y.C. on 48th Street, by "HY White."
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  • Dan Duffy
  • 2007
  • Trafford Publishing
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  • English
  • 978-1-4120-6823-9
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