SAT Prep Plus 2018: 5 Practice Tests + Proven Strategies + Online

Kaplan’s SAT Prep Plus 2018 provides in-depth content review and strategies for every question to ensure test-day success. With our book, you’ll get step-by-step methods for approaching each section, clear explanations to all answer choices, and online video lessons.

We stand behind SAT Prep Plus 2018. After studying with the online resources and book, you'll score higher on the SAT—or your money back.

With SAT Prep Plus 2018 you can study anywhere. Log in to watch video lessons, complete quizzes, and take practice tests on a laptop or mobile device.

The Best Practice
  • More than 1,400 practice questions with detailed explanations
  • More than a dozen timed quizzes
  • Online lessons from our expert SAT teachers
  • 5 full-length Kaplan practice tests with detailed answer explanations
  • Expert scoring, analysis, and explanations for 2 official College Board SAT Practice Tests
  • Kaplan's SmartPoints system to help you identify how many points you're likely to earn when you master each topic
Expert Guidance
  • Kaplan's expert teachers make sure our tests are true to the SAT
  • 9 out of 10 Kaplan students get into one or more of their top choice colleges

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The previous edition of this book was titled SAT Premier 2017.
دقت کنید این منابع به صورت رایگان داخل سایت موجود است و می توانید از صفحه دانلود رایگان کتاب های لاتین ( درخواست کتاب لاتین ) پس از جستجو، به صورت رایگان دانلود کنید.
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  • Kaplan Test Prep
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