Vue.js: Learn By Coding

If you're looking to build a web app with a JavaScript framework, Vue.js is one of your best options. The documentation is pretty good and there are example apps available, but it can be useful to actually build an app step-by-step to learn how to do it.

That's what this book provides you. We build two apps together: a simple todo app and a more complicated personal finance app.

You will learn how to:

- set up Vue.js and Devtools
- create a simple todo app
- filter lists using computed properties
- use localStorage to save and receive data
- build a simple personal finance app
- use Bootstrap 4 to build a nice UI
- save and receive data via AJAX
- organize your code using components
- and much, much more

The source code per chapter is available in a GitHub repository so you can use that to save time as you build the apps.
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