Books in Transition at the Time of Philip the Fair: Manuscripts and Printed Books in the Late Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Century Low Countries

In 2006, 500 years after his death, the Royal Library of Belgium organised an exhibition (curated by Bernard Bousmanne and Hanno Wijsman) revealing treasures from the era of Philip the Fair (1478-1506), last duke of Burgundy. This volume reunites most of the papers delivered at a conference held during the exhibition, increased with four new chapters. Ten specialists from Belgium, the Netherlands and the United States discuss the book market and its place in society in this transitional period when manuscripts and printed books were produced and used next to one another. The various chapters are illustrated with more than 70 reproductions, most of which formerly unpublished. The contributions are organised around five topics: Philip the Fair and his books, art in books, music in books, politics in books, the book market.
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  • Burgundica, 15
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