Digital Painting with Krita

Reviews: Digital Painting with Krita 2.9 Book review ( ) Book Review: Digital Painting with Krita 2.9 ( ) Krita is a free painting tool designed for concept artists, illustrators, matte and texture artists, and the VFX industry. It has been in development for over 10 years and has had an explosion in growth recently. It offers many common and innovative features to help the amateur and professional alike. The book is 230 pages jam-packed with content, tips, and information on how Krita works. At times the content is more of a technical manual while other times it feels like an art instruction book. Discover how assistants can speed up your creative process. Understand how to use the powerful brush engines. Master the user interface. The content focuses on creating art, but many of the explanations and concepts can be carried over to other fields. I thought it would be helpful to have a single author that could focus on writing and explain all the latest features that Krita offers from end-to-end. You will learn many things including the following: See how to select and transform your artwork to fix common mistakes. Learn more about managing colors in your image. Countless tips and shortcuts that will speed up your work flow. Many illustrations to help you understand concepts. -If you can please support the author-
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