Choice Hymns of the Faith

Every week, thousands of Christians across the United States and around the world worship the Lord with a Truth and Praise hymnal. Now these hymnbooks are available in eBook format, for convenient use on your smart phone, tablet, or computer. You can also use the Table of Contents and search feature to quickly find hymns.

Choice Hymns of the Faith, affectionately know as the “Blue Book”, features 545 hymns selected specifically for worship. This edition contains full words and musical score. The musical score is a perfect resource for both pianists and musically-inclined singers.

The hymns, chosen for their focus on Christ, are excellent for communion services. Gospel hymns are not included to help people concentrate specifically on worship of Christ.

Most hymns with three or four sharp keys have been changed to flats for ease of playing. Many have also been lowered in key for the vocal range of an average singer. Include are alternate tune suggestions for acapella services. Additionally, a variety of indexes (Topical, General, Authors, Composers, Meters, Tunes, etc.) are included to help you easily locate a specific hymn.

Over and over again, this collection of timeless classics has proven a useful resource as believers seek to honor the Lord in song.

Table Of Contents
Hymns 1-545
Metrical Index of Tunes
Alphabetical Index of Tunes
Index of Authors, Composers and Sources
Topical Index
General Index
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