Brand Therapy_ 15 Techniques for creating Brand Strategy in Pharma and Medtech

“Smith has captured the new guide to brand relevance and sustainability.” - Pamela Winsor, Chief Marketing Officer Medtronic Canada “A masterclass in one book.” - Luciano Conde, CEO, Noventure “At last a book on marketing that perfectly fits the complexity and uniqueness of med tech and life sciences industries!” - Sandrine Letellier, VP Global Marketing, Smith & Nephew “I wish all our colleagues in the industry will make Brand Therapy their daily handbook.” - Anne Baille, VP Strategic Marketing “It’s a must read for anyone who leads or works in Brand Teams.” - Craig Galloway, Associate Director International Marketing “Prof Brian Smith has condensed his 20 years of academic research into this step-by-step, brand strategy process which is tailored specifically for our unique customers and markets.” - Kashif Ikram, Senior Director EMEA Medtronic "A must read for every marketing manager in the pharma or med device space.” - Linda Beneze, CEO, Monarch Medical Technologies “There is clarity in the ‘red thread’ that runs right through from understanding the environment to developing appropriate strategy and ultimately measuring the impact & taking the learnings of the tactics that are developed… with the specific relevance to pharma and medtech highlighted throughout.’ - Stephen Turley, Area Head, British & Irish Isle UCB Pharma “This book is written in such a way that it can be used as a ‘go-to’ guide for brand strategy definition, development and verification.” - Russell Watts, Director, Business development and Marketing, EMEAI SCIEX, a Danaher company “This valuable handbook is a 'must have, must read and must use' for any anyone who wants to be successful in building Pharma or Medtech brand strategies.” - Bharat Tewarie, EVP and CMO, UCB Pharma “Brian has translated the plethora of marketing literature into a healthcare context to make it relevant and current for the healthcare industry.” - Jens Thiedemann, Head of Marketing Europe, Daiichi Sankyo Europe “Simple and straightforward tools with lots of examples. Useful for beginners as well as experienced executives - an intelligent, accessible and comprehensive handbook." - Yves Ottiger, VP Global Marketing & Sales, B. Braun. “Brand Therapy is the 21st-century strategic marketing Bible for pharma and medtech brand leaders and their teams.” - Philippe GHEM, Senior Director, Marketing Excellence and Multichannel, Grünenthal GmbH "Provides effective checks to ensure outcomes are based on critical thinking... a credible new reference to take effective, surgical action precisely on areas of opportunity." - Alain Tranchemontagne, Sr. Vice President, Marketing, Smith & Nephew "A workshop manual that supports brand teams in the conduct of the essential strategic planning process." - Ian Talmage, Senior Advisor, Global Strategic Marketing, Bayer AG The pharma and medtech sectors are evolving rapidly, driven by science, technology, economics, politics and globalization. In the new industry landscape, creating strong brand strategies is ever more difficult and ever more vital. Brand Therapy gives pharma and medtech brand teams the tools to understand their market, create strong strategies and translate them into actionable plans. Written in 16 short, easy chapters, it is essential reading for anyone who works in or with brand teams in the life sciences industry.
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