Energy Management Handbook

This comprehensive handbook has become recognized as the definitive stand-alone energy manager’s desk reference, used by thousands of energy management professionals throughout the industry. Newly revised and edited, this Eighth Edition includes significant updates to energy management controls systems, commissioning, measurement and verification, and high performance green buildings. Revised chapters cover motors and drives, HVAC systems, lighting, alternative energy systems, building envelope, performance contracting, and natural gas purchasing. Detailed illustrations, tables, graphs, and other helpful working aids are provided throughout. -- 1. Introduction / Steve Doty, Barney L. Capehart, Steven A. Parker, Wayne C. Turner -- 2. Effective energy management / William H. Mashburn -- 3. Energy auditing / Barney L. Capehart, Mark B. Spiller, Scott Frazier -- 4. Economic analysis / David Pratt -- 5. Boilers and fired systems / S.A. Parker, B.K. Walker -- 6. Steam and condensate systems / Philip S. Schmidt -- 7. Cogeneration and distributed generation / Jorge B. Wong, John M. Kovacik -- 8. Waste-heat recovery / D. Paul Mehta -- 9. Building envelope / Keith E. Elder -- 10. HVAC systems / Robert Cox -- 11. Motors, drives, and electric energy management / Roger G. Lawrence, K.K. Lobodovsky -- 12. Energy management control systems / Michael P. Dipple -- 13. Lighting / Eric A. Woodroof, Stan Walerczyk -- 14. Energy systems maintenance / Gary Berngard -- 15. Insulation systems / Javier A. Mont, Michael R. Harrison -- 16. Use of alternative energy / Simon Eilif Baker -- 17. Indoor air quality / Jack L. Halliwell -- 18. Electric and gas utility rates for commercial and industrial customers / R. Scott Frazier, Lynda J. White, Richard A. Wakefield, Jairo A. Gutierrez -- 19. Thermal energy storage / Clint Christenson -- 20. Codes, standards, & legislation -- 21. Natural gas purchasing / Carol Freedenthal -- 22. Control systems / Steve Doty -- 23. Sustainability and high performance green buildings / Nick Stecky -- 24. Electric deregulation / George R. Owens -- 25. Financing and performance contracting / Eric A. Woodroof -- 26. Commissioning for energy management / David E. Claridge, Mingsheng Liu, W.D. Turner -- 27. Measurement and verification of energy savings / Jeff S. Haberl, Charles C. Culp.
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