Plastic Surgery Review: A Study Guide for the In-Service, Written Board, and Maintenance of Certification Exams

This high-yield, compact review book covers all topics
that appear on the exams that lead to initial certification and recertification
by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Topics are presented in outline
format to facilitate quick review and recall of information.


  • Focuses only on what residents, fellows, and practicing
    plastic surgeons need to know to score well and pass their exams, helping them
    make efficient use of study time
  • Written in a style similar to a cheat
    sheet, with buzzwords, mnemonics, diagrams, drawings, tables, and bullet
  • Each chapter has been reviewed by experts in plastic surgery,
    ensuring that the information is current and accurate

Residents, fellows, and
practicing plastic surgeons will find this book to be an invaluable resource
throughout their training and careers.

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