OpenStack Bootcamp

A focused and systematic introduction to OpenStack, the largest open source cloud platform, using practical examples and hands-on problems. About This Book * Explore all the new features of OpenStack's Mikata, Ocata, and Newton releases and get up to speed with OpenStack in no time * Learn something new each day to successfully build a private cloud platform * A fast-paced guide filled with best practices that will help you manage your virtual private cloud efficiently Who This Book Is For This book is for those who are already familiar with OpenStack's supporting technologies. It's ideal for cloud system engineers, system administrators, and technical architects who are moving from a virtualized environment to a cloud environment. Prior knowledge of cloud computing platforms and virtualization would be beneficial. If you are a system or cloud engineer, this is your go-to book! What You Will Learn * Understand the functions and features of each core component of OpenStack and a real-world comparison * Develop an understanding of the components of IaaS and PaaS clouds built with OpenStack * Get a high-level understanding of architectural design in OpenStack * Discover how you can use OpenStack Horizon with all of the OpenStack core components * Understand network traffic flow with Neutron * Build an OpenStack private cloud from scratch * Get hands-on training with the OpenStack command line, administration, and deployment In Detail OpenStack is developed by a thriving community of individual developers around the globe and is backed by most of the leading players in the cloud space today. OpenStack is a free and open source software platform for cloud computing, mostly deployed as an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). This book begins with the design principles of OpenStack and the available OpenStack distributions. You'll start by getting a fundamental understanding of the core concepts and then move on to a comparison of OpenStack components with real-life examples. Then, we'll show you the typical architecture of OpenStack clouds, how to configure each OpenStack component, and debugging techniques. Later, we focus on the latest releases of OpenStack: Mikata, Newton, and Ocata. You'll be introduced to identity, image, networking, and the compute service. You'll also get a complete understanding of how to install, configure, and administrate your entire virtual private cloud. You will also be provided with hands-on exercises to unleash the power of each component in OpenStack. Finally, you'll see an overview of all the optional projects available under the Openstack umbrella. Style and approach This fast-paced book delivers comprehensive hands-on training, so you can jump straight into the practical exercises along with in-depth coverage of OpenStack technologies. It also provides hands-on exercises, analysis of real-world cloud use cases and operation scenarios, covering design, customization and optimization.
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